This September I am invited to FHNW, the University of Applied Science and the Arts in Basel to give a about [MacOS] privacy, FOSS alternatives to proprietry software (i.e. to Adobe Creative Cloud), encryption & blockchain, within the context of the "CoCreative Coding Week" to kick off the fall semester 2022.

Theme: "Digital Self-Defense Today, Web3 & The Metaverse".

-> Lecture Performances, Discussion, Practical Sessions

Dates: 19.09. - 23.09.

As an artist I explore social relations and everyday situations, in an attempt to 'hack' and to debunk underlying rules and belief-systems. I work both in private and in public space, somewhere between auto-biography, documentary and speculative fiction, in an attempt to create scenarios in which the work appears in the process of 'making itself' through its interaction with the viewer. --> made for creative minds: a digital community for artists, designers, coders, hackers, activists and inventors - for socializing and learning...